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The Spherical Space Station

Large Surface Area Penty Of Open Air

This is a major task of over 5 years till the house is done. Dressing everything out trees land scaping etc would take take longer over 15 years. There is one plan for something special on the other side of the sphere. It also balanced the weight distribtion of the sphere. The water for the creek disappeared back into trees coming from one one direction and if you walked up from the other direction the water came from a pond at the base of a small water fall back in the trees. Only a small amount of water was pumped up to go down the falls. Most just comes out from under the falls on it's way back around.

There was to be aanother page showing the machinery to do this job. My computer was stolen here in Washington D.C.. Now From the Space Canopy to this one you will find something missing. Urban Legends on George Lucas's STAR WARS page. Has something about someone always saying Wilhem Wilhem. Funny Wilhem never got into STAR WARS.

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The Spheroid Or Spherical Space Station?

The Oblate Spheroid or flatten around the sides of the sphere. The sphere is also has the has the outside surface flatened. I will explain more whys and whos in the 30 some odd pictures that follow.
The Basic Sphere With The Radial Belt

The ring is what will be bearing the actual most of the loads from what is in the sphere.

2 Radial Building Built On The Belt

Looking at the end of the belted areas one can see the outline of a building constructed on the ring. This is how figured to get fast early area where one is safe from radiation. This building rings the wole sphere will home for most of the construction. This was easiest way using the equipment would have. A chance for all to get out of the ship, the animals into there section of the building, storage for water, food stores etc. This will later be all under ground.

The bright yellow along the center axis of the sphere is the distributor of the light from the metal reflectors. They will be get hot enough to ignite any gaes that might build up. Light in space has a higher UV level so the amount of visiable light can be much lower and still provide enough UV for the plants.
3 The Basic Sphere With The Radial Belt And Building

Looking at the end of the belted areas one can see the outline of a building constructed on the ring. This is how figured to get fast early radiation safe environment. This building that rings the inside of the sphere will provide the shelter during the early construction. I wanted an early heavy shelter and this easiest type to make using the equipment I would be using at this time in the construction. So what starts as an early shelter and a chance for all to get out of the ship, finally ends up being animals pens, storage for water, food stores, and a heavy emergency shelter. That will be hidden under ground.

The bright yellow along the center axis of the sphere is the distributor of light in the sphere being metal reflector it will get hot. Light in space has a high UV level so the amount of visitable light can much lower and still provide enough UV for the plants.
4 The Sphere's Light Blue Sky Like Earth's

The light blue I chose for the sky comes for scraping copper to get the gold plating. Normal copper oxide is black but formed in aqua solution it makes a light blue powder. This will give the indirect light a light blue color similar to that of our normal sky color. The ground comes up the sides ove the sphere about 30 feet. This ground is a part of the radiation guard for the people livestock, and crops. There will be trees and plants on it but not for consumption by people or livestock.
5 The Beach The Trees And The Area For Gathering Fine Sand Making Soil. Degrees Of Fineness

Here is now the first real chance to get out a small pond if you will. This is nothing more then a place to float in the water and to splash around for a while. I would enjoy just floating my self. The lttle trees that where carried on plane have been brouth put and put around the pond. These will be mainly fruit trees. More imformation below.

The second smaller pond pictured here where the powdered sand or dust down into sphere. Very fine sand is needed for making soil. This would make nohting but a mess if brought in any other way.

Then the trees can be brought out of the ship and put around the beach area. Orange, cherry, apple, sugar maple, peach and several of the important wood oak ash. These are the about dozen or so 4 to 6 ft trees that would be brought along.

The more important the more of them there ought to be 3 orange, 2 apple, 2 cherry, 2 sugar maple, 2 sugar maple, 1 lemon, 1 peach 1 oak 1 ash etc. This is only first placement during there mature life they will be in soil and place where the temperature range are more to their needs. No is the time to plant the seeds for growing more trees.

6 The Trees The Park And Other Things

The little patches you see around the sphere just below the light blue are going to be the source of new soil production. Super fine , manure, animal caucuses or part no fit for consumption, and plants that will be mixed together and plowed back under. They are up at that height on the wall of the sphere because that is roughly the level of the highest ground.

The Patches Of Plants For Growing Sod

The next the garden in the middle next to the beach area. Really the only reason show the tree being moved out first is the problem of size. Some these plants are tranfers from the ship others new growth. Tomato plants where a plant I planned on having on the plane. Full bushes by now but some new plants should be ready to be placed now in the sphere.

The plane still has all it's trays full of plants and is still producing. Animal by products and not now going the for soil production. It is important to remember that the parts of the solar reflector gets hotter than 750 degrees. That is hot enough to burn all hydrocarbons. No smell, water water and carbon dioxide.

Tomatoes were to have been loaded on to the ship ready or about ready to bear fruit, some blooms aready falling off as fruit is about to appear. Some other plants to be started as soon as fertilizer is available. That what is important if something new is coming and you can see it grow than eating the same thing is not as bad. My advantage also know it is easier.

There are areas on the other side of the sphere that are producing grasses and grains for the animals.

Do remember we would have been housed in the ring since stage 4. No pool no party just into the ring building, but there is now a place where theyl can come out of the ring. That is the small brown area at the top of the drawing. Outside to stand in dirt.

There will always be some plants growing in the plane mostly food in case of emergency. of the produce.
8 The Crop And Livestock areas (Actually on the other side of sphere)

The pool for seperating sand has been in larged in preparation the filling and shaping of the terrain inside the sphere. The majority of work up to now been on the building up of the outside of the sphere. The inside work at this being just soil production and an interesting and growing environment for humans. The length of time needed increasing the thickness of the sphere requires most of the time. The length of time it takes to build up the whole surface of the sphere is a good match to time needed to produce enouogh soil to cover a sizeable amount of the inside surface. Here a small amount of additional crops are shown on top of the ring building. On the ring on the itself the amount of crop and gain planting area has been increased.

This section and the future additions will of course harvested as they mature. There is no winter, spring, summer, and fall cycle yet. The conditions of winter or an overly hat day are just remind one that this is a good place to be. Water spayed into the air to make snow. Fun? Maybe?
9 Simple Area Covering But It Is Growth

The patches used for soil product and still growing in preparation for the later shaped terrain. They have recently had the ground up animal by products added powdered rock seeds. A new growth cycle. Some has been taken to start production else where.

The sphere now should be able to fully support the people and animal life, with out any asistance from the ship. Remember are garden space and patches for soil production and gains being grown on the other side of the sphere. One sf the should keep in mind that progress could stop here at this level of completion of the interior and survive perimently, but it is and would look half done.

10 The Piling Sand For Filling In The Lower Areas

Up till now have just been grinding up fine sand for the soil growing patch. There now a be a need for a lot of course material ie sand and even rock for building up to the right level. The fine sand can now be just a by product of the rock and course sand needed.

Note There is going to be metal and other elements that are harmful to people or to animals. These are to be encapsuled in steel and labeled. Lead is one that will be needed others ie lithium zinc boron can just be burried some where they can be gotten to easily. soil.

Note Over time this thickness of fine sand will be plowed into thickening the layer of soil.

11 Now The Sand Is Piled As High As The Building

At this stage of the filling the sand is now about as high as the ring building or about 10 ft. The sand is still back away from the water at bottom so that it will drain more completely. The patches for soil production are still being enlarged.

I am showing these steps so that a person can see but also to show the time involved. Someone is going to be calling the work done to get to here or there the amount of work would be sizeable necessary

The Tent Actually Being Outside

Preparing For Shifting Or Moving The Crop Areas

A tent for living sleeping and living outside. This is just another change to make when the sphere is safe from radiation cosmic rays from sun spots.

Here is added something that could have been added during any of the last three stages.

At this stage of the fill the piles of fill sand is now at about 40 ft above the height of the of what will be the hills along the outside of this valley.

Now start the movement of the grain, crops and the gardens to the top of the building and the fianl height of the valley. so that food production can continue. The filling in of a ram to the top on one side is visable in this picture.

The patches for soil production are still being enlarged.


The Crops Area Are Now On Top oF The Building

The area for growing crops is now on top of the building. The soil about 6 to 12 inches deep is just scraped up and moved, much like a thick sod in small sections would be. Now the lower area around the building can be filled in. The fill here should be almost gravel.The larger the gravel the less water it can hold. The fine sand almost like a powered being saved back for the top coat. The thin layer of soil that can be put on then will a moister "holder barrier" below it. The plants of course will grow roots into this area to get the moister. Turning the soil will mix The fine sand, old plant roots, and the soil.

One of the long term items for sale is of course soil that is beyond your needs. This would speed up others building up of sphere and small items wanted could be brought up. Nylon cloth or swim trunks, comtputer board, hard drive, movies, giutar or piano strings, seed, plants or spices. The list of little things is of course as long as what one allows one self to have or not have.

The Placement Of The House And To The Ring

The house's structure is of steel like the sphere itself. The house is supposed to be the second safest place to be the ring build is the first. he house is conected to the ring the walk way indicated by gray lines from the house the ring. From inside the house one could a survey any damage and figure a course of action. The water in the creek and lake can be drawn into tanks or ie rooms in the ring for storage. One could go down into the tunnel and go into the original house in the ring building.

Keeping the sphere balanced has never been a part of what I have been explaining till now because it has not effected it's final appearence. For instance the weight of the equipment bring in the rock gravel and pouder, has to be balanced by something on the other side of the wheel etc.

The first though was a lake accrosed from the house. There was still what to put on the over hemisphere of the sphere the picture. That has to be either centered on the axis or half on one side and half one the other side, as with the house and the lake. Because the house is not on the center line of rotation something must be on the other side.

For now metal will be add accross from the house and on either side of the building to maintain balance of the sphere
15 Ever Growing Piles Of Sand

The soil and plants on either side of the ring building are now shifted to the other half of the ring. So the sand can be moved in up to the level of the top of the ring building. Keep in mind the same thing is happening on the other side of the sphere. The ring must remain in balance.

The middle is going to level out to just above the building ring. The patches for making soil are now at or above the height of the ground on the outside where the trees will be. Lots of soil for the trees to grow in. The leaves? Down to the feilds.

16 The Shifting Of Farming To The Other Side Of The Sphere

The farming by this time not just for need it has grown beyond need. The extra is now being saved and in time some will just be plowed back under. The farming now can be moved to the other side. The farm can be surveyed from houses side of the sphere.

Grow more than you need is the important part to remember. If nothing else your adding to Soil Growth.
17 Hold the phone ?

The is the final height of the hills to consider. What will been left there and pressed down or compacked should be the base for what can grow to be a 20 30 or 40 foot tall tree. The can be only on kind of storm here but trees need to be well rooted. So here there is a partical fill around the pads that the trees will grow in.

The last of the beach site. The trees are moved up around the house. Just a point, in time from in front of the house you can not see the sky over head. You can see the light hitting the ground not in the shade. I won't throw the tent out I just won't advice wearing it out. There is only one to a sphere.
18 The Last Of The Little Beach And The Tent

The last of the beach site. The trees are moved up around the house. Just a point, in time from in front of the house you can not see the sky over head. You can see the light hitting the ground not in the shade. I won't throw the tent out I just won't advice wearing it out. There is only one to a sphere.

Moving The Soid And Farming Area For Future Construction ?

The moving of the sod or top soil from the edge of the ring so that area can be filled in. The outside edge of the sod will mark edge of the little hills or ridge that lines the valley in the sphere.

20 Addition Of A Shoot For The Animals

The one area around the ring building that has stayed at the rings level, that of the animal area or barn area. Now Last of the ring landing will be covered over and a shoot put in so the animals can get up to ground level. The pen is also a source now for making top soil The last of the sod is moved o ut to along the ridge line.
The Steel Creek Bed Water Containment

I choose to have the banks the creek hi vary in height of the creek itself. The higher the more the soil or sand is packed. Visual this gives it the appearence of having eaten through the land. The lake I want to be different open.

The most important part of the creek bed is the use of one principul. Wicking Water can only rise so far in the sand. So the water level has to be down a foot below the top of the steel creek bed. Soil and sand over hang the top down into the creek bed and line the bottom.

See Insert
22 The Steel Lake Bed Deep And Shallow

The lake sets on legs up off the surface of the sphere. There is a pipe running back into the ring build for draining the lake and the creek.

The mass of steel making the house and the lake most be balanced on the other side of the sphere. Centering a mass over the middle of the ring would do the job or one could put in another lake that stretchs a crossed with a water fall on one side. Water fall into lake surrounded trees, then into the creek coming over to the lake by the house, then into the creek which travels back to the other side and disappears amoung some trees and bushes.
23 Adding And Shaping The Sand And The Wave

Now here you can see the shape done in sand, rather then the steel botom. of the previous drawing. The waster will befollowing from the bottom of the drawing up. The slope of the creek is not even the drack line just before the lake has the steepest slope. There is a gate just before the lake that stops the water and allows it to build up. This is to release a wave accross the lake. The wave will bonnce off the back of the lake and go back accross toward the beach. This is not meant to appear as a wave of any real size just to show some motion. Slowing and speeding up of the flow of the creek as well as the wave itself.
24 The Water

The water is put into the creek and lake. There was alway in any plan to take fish and water plant. Bends in the creek bed allow for places out of the current for plant life to grow and the tall banks allow for shading. That is not to say that the fish will not find there way in and out of the lake but it allows them place off to themselves.

Iam not planning to take along sunfish. But here is story involving an over population of sunfish. The lake was in sand and at the water level of a near by river, plenty of Oxygen. Food on the other hand was in short supply. The sunfish would come up and bite on the hairs of my legs. Just stand still for a minute or so and they would start biting.
25 The Beach

This is part too of the reason for the banks on the creek ets. The beach not like just a large bank on the creek something different.

Here is that something old and yet new, from my childhood and saning for minows and cradads. This on goes on the other side right before the creek disappears into the bushes. The raised that the waterfall falls from is of course a part of the surrounding hill that juts out to a cliff. The shape of the cliff is a right triangle with the short leg where the waterfall is. This gives the creek with a cliff along it. Now the bushes trees and then the creek gose into the hill and comes out under the water fall. Only a small protion of the water actually falls the ten or more feet. A paddle wheel under the hill keeps the speed of the water up.
26 The Building Up Of The Ridge That Encloses The Valley

The patches for soil will be the places where the big trees are planted. The rest will be sand, the powder covering, and then soil for the grasses and small bushes. This allows for more surface area. The trees will also grow out over the wall of the sphere it's self. There is going to be too much production of fruits and crops but this will get plowed back into the soil.
27 Adding The Trees And The Sodding Of Ridge Lines

The trees go into the patches that has provided most o the soil for the sphere. The top of the ridges appearance could be anything, from a smooth mesa to hills crowder together. First the sand, then the powder and Sod or soil and seed.

Could you live here?

Mess with or want not


I was told the people that did what some in Nebraska what to call their connection to the writing of Star Wars were dead in 1998. Forget about being seen. So I went to work on the plane. Stupid he cannot do a thing? Later when I was being interfered with in a Library. Someone yelled out we do not want you to be able to do anything worth while.

Stephen Spielberg, George W. Lucas so much for some cities and their University. Very heavy on their University. I later got kicked out of the University's Library and the main Branch of the City's Library. You would need your own Library there. A few tricks I will name who if any one wants to ask.

Space is still where I want to be. George W. Lucas the Jedi Temple is probably in space. As Budha said still waiting for man to develope.

Bob L. Petersen

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Bob L. Petersen

I had thought of taking rabbits but squirrels

Rabbits and fibonacci how many out of how many. Just add tomatoes and you could survive. Squirrels have become of interest to me of later. I am now on the east coast and here the male squirrels don't chatter. Females chatter very softly range about 4 feet almost a whisper back home. The males here only cus it angered.

I chatter to them. Most of their activity involves filling a day. Burying and hunting just passing time. I do feed them too. I will chase them. They hold their paws down because of their sharp nails. They have all accidently turned them loose on one another. I am currently see if they will respond to pointing with the hand turning down.

The amount of questions involved in pointing at say a tossed nut. Are you saying that your nut or can I have it? You would have to say it's ok.

This spring a squirrel was trying to get some food out of a hard plastic containr. I was bbq chicken which is ok if your really hungry. He went through about 3 wings which I had given to him. A dog and owner approached he stood up straight and put arms down along body and shook. Here is your new "friend" standing in danger. The amount ate indicates hungry.

There is one squirrell with nibble marks on the end of one ear. She associates with humans "begs" more than she does with the other squirrels.

Even over a dog for the reason of being very independent and activite.

They'll show you why not to chase them. If possible they will jump from thin branch to thin branch ever time. Ever see a cat try for one? I've seen thme tempt a falcon. It is usually by what is called a Alpha Female. Main way jumping between branch around the trunk. Can't open wings for balance and have a hard time getting out of theat area. Very funny.

Do you want to play or As use to say I pray of thee.

The really hairy faced human who chatters

Bob L. Petersen

Bob L. Petersen

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