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Space: Entertainment Movies Radio Food Art Education BYO. Thoughts on Make Your Own MYO and BYO

*(SEE BELOW) During the time what I see as the start of my STAR WARS The person I Was talking Rodger Pardee and me talked about still working projects in space. When the STARS WARS questions are over he wants to see nothing that tells him I have any talent. He will also though be on the outside and will function more like a friend. So there were many things he didn't know.

One is what I could do with my voice. One or two things appear in talking about things in STAR WARS. He has heard a voice no here to be explained. The why says there just crooks. Who they are nothong like. Such a nice little guy. On no with everything but STAR WARS, for now.

I Everyone Equal So Here It Is If Want And Put In the the effort. So Here It Is If Want And Put In the the effort.

--------- Jason Robards All The Presidents Men I'm Stuck Near Here And Max Dugan For The Correct Answer---------
----------- I Always Had A Timed Voice For Jack Nickolson But Not With The Sound Made As He Makes It -----------
--------- Edward R. Morrow's 1958 Speech Set To Another Story. The Voice Is As His Was During WWII ---------
---------- Walter Winchell's Standard Driven Opening During His Career As A Radio News Announcer ----------
- United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim - From The Record Carried On Voyageer Into Space -
---- Morbius from The Forbidden Planet Played By Walter Pidgeon Is He Maybe Not The Problem? ----
Benny DJ Mutly Simple But Important Because Of When Lurch From The Adam's Family Neat Petit Sweet Paul Lynde Too many think they're funny TOO MANY
Savoir Faire The Smooth Enemy Of Klondike Kat? Road Runner The Fastest Complete Impersonation Mr. Christian A Quality Of Tone Used Sometimes By...
Burl Ivys Something For Burl Ivys To Remember Too Richard Burton Line Said While He's Holding A Sword Ike's Voice With Why Tina Can Sing Like She Can
Lost In Space's Robot Line Warning Was Alot Of Fun I Wanted This Character's Line In The Movie HELP It wasn't John Wayne That Caught My Ear In This
The Beatles Get Back First Song Sung Done In Falseto The Loin Sleeps Tonight Now A Source Of Fun Did It Blind Led Zeppelin Robert Plant First To Play With A Falsetto
War By Edwin Star Uncanny Now With An Added Element When I Can George Lucas 11:38 PM Winnie The Pooh ? The Godfater I Really Did Want To Avoid All Of This
Conquistador By Procol Harum An Off Intonation James Bond + Goldfinger No Mr. Bond I Want You To Die I Did Cat Stevens Waaaa But I Never Saw Any Connection
Jimi Hendrix All Along The Watchtower Was So Close Jesus Christ SuperStar Come One Come All Again And ...
Is That Lurch ie Ted Cassity Listen What? Wooooo! Blazing Saddles The Peacher And Aint Nobody Gona... Two Lines 5 Words Count Em 5 Words All From Mongo
Now The Righteous Brothers Becuse I Can Now Switch Jaws Quint Calling For Mr Hooper Why Is He?
Hot Summer Days By It's A Beautiful Day ?Studio Voice? How Did Brigadier General Jack Ripper Go Insane
All Night BW Movies The Treasure Of Sierra Madre From Abbot and Costello Just Costello's - I'm a bad boy Jack Benny Always But Peter Finch's Yell Made Rochester
Curly Has All Of The Really Neat Lines And Sounds Caddyshack The Bishop Best Game And Golfers Man
Joey A persom speaking with only control of his Voice Box Tommy Chong's Ear Ache My I Caught My Eye I Saw John Hurt's Elephant Man After Joey I WANTED
NEWS REEL REPORTER'S Question for Albert Einstein The Highlander's Kurgan Voice Is What I Call Course Jim Varney Vern I See Your Probelm It's Right Here
James Doohan From Star Trek Something Said To Me
I Never Tried Good Evening Mrs Tasker Why? From Independence Day Randy Quad's Final Yell Congo Great People Great Voices And One Impression
W.C. Fields Brought Back By The Need Of A VOICE Rod Steiger Was The New Voice I Found From W.C. The Saint's Rade Serbedzija As Ivan Tretiak No Kilmer
Men In Black's Bugman Will Smith's Scream in the Tunnel Captain Jack Sparrow's You Have Heard You Me Though
Junior Son of Sylvester A Voice For Joke I Wanted Sylvester the Cat Came From Wanting To Have The Pair Galaxy Quest I'm Not Tim Allen And You're Not Happy
Yogi Bear Another Place Another Joke Also A Clue
Bram Stroker Dracula done by CHANCE and NOTICED Donald Sutherland Sound In Animal House Starts A Script The Freshman's Maximilian Schell Added To the Script
I Next Added Peter Lorre From The Maltese Falcon I Added Walter Cronkite Back As The Anchor Needed Luciano Pavarotti Over Joyed And Bashful About
A Dracula Born Into Another History Another VOICE Too One more From CBS Andy Rooney Tone And Timing Dr. Strangelove Productions I'm Going To Need Females
------------------------------------ Clearing Thoart For Pacino Leads To Peter Finch AND ------------------------------------
Musical Remake Of War Of The Worlds - Richard Burton Vincent Price In The Song Thriller By Michael Jackson Emperor Of The North's A No.1 Voice Says That He Is
The Flight of the Phoenix Ian Bannens He knows what he's The Agony And The Ecstasy Pope Julius II - Rex Harrison
The Guy With This Voice Is Going Get Shot Stupid Why? Born Under A Bad Sign Jack Bruce Cream Belongs Here ANOTHER CHARACTER WHOSE MINE ALL MINE
------------- Pink Panther Peter Sellers Is Here Because The Dog Owes Peter Finch Does He A Bite? -------------
--------------------------------------- Jack Palance Character From Barabbas Laughing ---------------------------------------
----------------------------------------- Thulsa Doom From Conon Whose World Is It? -----------------------------------------
-------------------------------------- Conan Beaten, It Was A Rough Day For Me, Too! --------------------------------------

Bing Crosby Christmas I May Be To Do Bing. But Why Not Try To Help Bing. Is Bing Nice Or Hope's Net

----------------- RETURN TO SPACE ENTERTAINMENT MOVIES -----------------

Here Two Scripts I've Written That Are For Actors.

I Like. I Started With Telling Most About Those Around Reacting To Me

The First was Arnold Schwarzenegger A Who Did What (While I Was Gone?
The Second was about Sean Connery As James Bond: Can I Be Again?

There is a common element to both Scripts they are both returning to work. That never happens as one would like. That makes the moments that people will like. No one likes my return here!

Make Your Own MYO and hopefully MY O MY

Entertainment in space or at a station it is byo

What is Entertainment? Music? Hobbies? Walks? Talks? Life in space will place limits on what one can do have for entertainment. This is a subject I have reviewed over and over. The drive though for something new though can if channeled be the answer. This is the point where astronauts become just people in space. It important everyone has a good knowledge of what they want to enjoy about going or can be entertained by. They are not going to be one of thee astronauts, their emotional lift must come from their activities. There will be no cheering crowd. If they see no advantages in every area of their life it will emotionally drag them down. The people going will have to review there motives carefully.


The first thoughts back in the 1970s were that books would have been a large part of my life in space. Life was to have been more like the astronauts of then. The were to have come from a large personal library to be converted over to digital format and taken along. My interest in study would have been enough for me along with personal interaction. There were a few people I thought if things did not work out for them might be interested. There were people back there also I would not want to be in a room on Earth with. Books on the sciences and books on general subjects as well as stories or plays. The books spanning education to entertainment. Most of this is know by two people each knowing different parts. One from the stand point of the what if's, the other from would you do. The size of the library will grow smaller the number of books will be less but the books are important.

Movies space or at a station it is byo

I had a lot of VHC tapes of movies but how many is enough over a long time. Can a hundred good stories be enough for passive entertainment with movies? The name passive entertainment means you sit and watch and enjoy need. It depends on how much you want to be entertained by movies. How many times can a movie be reviewed then depends. The kids burned up two copies of Spaced Invaders. (Kids and dad say the world.) I had the last time a CDR with Mpeg compression software large number of movies could have been stored. To some it would have to run like background noise, to others something every once in a while or something this way sometimes that way. The question of to whether to get movies you know or get movies that have good reviews or just go by what seems popular. With groups the people will serve a reviews for each other.

Movies of what goes on should be a part of any of this. Someone may a some point wonder what you were doing at the time. How could you live under conditions like that cannot be answered by words in a book but should be seen.

Radio space or at a station it is byo

Radio from Earth will always be a source of entertainment of various kinds. It is important that interest in this not to high as it could remind on of what they might be missing. But news of what is going on, on Earth would be important. Radio would be the easiest. Even though there would be no contact with the astronauts and listen to the radio channels of the astronauts would be important.

Food, Meals, Preparations And Dining space or at a station it is byo

Food, good food can make up for some other short falls. This will be one of the most important changes from previous missions of the astronauts. The introduction of fresh food and cooking. Eating meals together of course is social and eating is physically enjoyable. The effort in the area of preparing and cooking can go along way toward spicing up life in space. I am have said I will just mind the stirring on the stove go for as many courses as you can on the table for a meal. One can not do that all the time but it can be done for an occasion elevating a meal to dining would be good. Things done so there is very little perp work for most meals. Different people cooking different things etc. for different meals. A good set and a bunch of books on cooking would be very important. Most important though is some people who care, learning or study cooking and preparing food. Not necessarily what you would like but the food or meals they like eating. No this is right or not right based on how they feel a meal or food should be prepared. I had the last time a CD-Recorder, I watched the Food channel daily and PBS CNBS The Frugal Gourmet, Great Chefs of everywhere, that Cajun guy, ETC. The study of the art of fine cooking would pay for itself in the eating of every meal. They would have made a interesting viewing or for just demonstration of what was not clear in a book. Eating is necessary eating well is important.

Art - Any Attempt At Perfection Of Any Thing. The skills in the various arts should be known. The books should cover part of this but a person who understands or tries or does would be more important. Time is on the side of any one who would want to learn an art. I am not good at any of these but I know what good art is and some of how it is done.

Any attempt at any of the above no mater what the outcome would be good. The thing that do not work out would just make what does better. Hopefully different people in any group will hide away something to do that they would need a lot of time to get good at. While doing other things that they are more or less competent. This whole project was done that way.

Education, Learning, And The Mind In space or at a station it is byo

This is first about children at any age. Parents even teacher do not do as much to educate children as other children. We have had astronauts as old as 77 (John Glenn) but we have yet to have anyone below 25 years of age. To They can catch up or pass Johnny by just adding another word or kicking a ball. Mom and Dad have always walked and always talked. There is no clue from this as to when they should. I have seen a child miss the cue to start to walk. Upon seeing hundreds of kids running decided it must be time launch into trying. This should not be considered a kind of envy but becoming aware. To them it boarder on magic or they are not aware they should. The magic is the things Mom and Dad do it is part of what is neat about parents. This is not advice on education this is just an insight to what is going on in a child's mind.

Education with just parents or a small group is different than education in a class room. The learning will have to be more from the parents. I want to give my daughter a vinyl book she threw it down. I gave it back; she threw it down. She looked a my big book on computers. It weighed about 3 pounds she weighed 20 something. I place it in her lap. She started in the upper left hand corner and went down the page stopping to look at a picture. She for a while might need me not to look at my books while she is there and other time I should be a reader. No she was not reading, but she knew what she could do out of what I did.

There is in my designs many different processes that are demonstrations of physical properties or laws. These in one way keep the mind informed as to as many possibilities but at the same time being a part of what they normally do. They are also a source for educating a child as to some of the things they will need to know while they seem like just "neat things". Take the use of a plotter for sky or star maps partly because they are the simplest and most basic. A monitor or a regular printer do the same thing but you can not see the parts move. All use a grid to draw picture but with plotter it is easier to see the changes over time. Someone learns something based on how much often they do it and how important it is remember it. Like I said this is a different kind of education.

This is BYO so what you bring and what you do is important. You have to want to move your own no book, no movies, no food, no meals or education will be there waiting for you it is BYO all the way. Those that just sit and complain here will just sit and complain here. This would just be another thing to sit and complain about. That is why on the pages on the house I outline my thought on selecting people who would be the best to go. Bring Your Own.

If you do not like it close to this way. The things you need will grow beyond your ability to maintain life on your own. "How does one stay at the top of this hill forever." See page on the house.

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byo bring your own byo

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