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Identifying an unidentified flying object
Close encounters with a meteor

If you have seen more than the normal white dot you probably will not know what you saw. For that matter neither will almost anyone else. For this reason as long as you now reading this, it would be good to read all of this before trying to figure out what you saw or saying anything to anyone about what you saw. Any attempt at an explaining what you saw should be by explaining it using what is most likely seen or normally seen as reference. If you do not know anybody who could sit and read all of this do not try to explain it to them. Sorry, but that would be probably be the best thing for you to do.

How close and how large meteor determines what you see

size of meteor or UFO determines what you see DISTANCE from meteor or UFO determines what you see

Most meteors are that are seen are far enough away that the meteors are seen as just a point of light. The meteor is being heated in the upper atmosphere starting above 250,000 feet, that is close to 50 miles away, that is if the meteor is directly over head it could much further away. Something that is 10 feet or 50 feet across at these distances is would seen as little more than a dot. At this size what you see is controlled by the maximum detail the eye can see much like picture on a TV. The eye uses two methods to get it's level of quality. One is the size of the cones and rods, what could be considered the pixel. The second is the is the slight motion of the eye due to the motion of the blood due to the pumping action of the heart. (The first man to receive a centrifugal artificial heart thought he was going blind.) It is this clocked motion that the body uses to make picture more detailed and judge all other motion. The second method will cover up any small details that could be seen. One would be better off trying to try and explain the workings of the eye. Then till someone just what you saw. The closer meteor than the more detail that someone can see.

White hot can also blind the eye to anything around that could be seen around white heat source.

Color of the meteor or UFO determines what you see size of meteor or UFO determines what you see

Gas color, flame color, and or heated or dust or mist(dust or mist with meteors light shining on it) from elements or chemicals dust or mist from the meteor can be seen. Meteor are of two types metallic and those made up of crust like materials (rock or oxides of metals). Gas color if the material is heated to point where the material of the meteor vaporizes and flame color if the material is burned gas in the air. The dust or misty from either the breaking off of rocky material or liquid coming off the meteor. This cannot be seen if the meteor is too and white hot. White hot can also blind the eye to anything around that could be seen around white heat source. The dust or mist will have a different shape then gas or flame colored form. These three types have to be compared to sometime travel faster than sound through the air.

You should now be starting to see how many more things could be seen than what you saw. Later I will include early UFO reports for comparison. My thoughts come from one such observation meteorite and a belief it was doing something it was capable of doing. Not breaking the laws of physics. It was an Unidentified Flying Object it has now been more identified but not completely identified.

Shockwave from X-15 doing mach 3.5 Shockwave from X-15 doing mach 6

The example I am including is the pictures of the X-15 traveling at three and half times the speed of sound and six times. The lines that visible are the shock fronts caused by the air hitting the plane. Notice the fast the plane the more the shock line bend back toward the plane and the line is darker.

The example I am including here are pictures of the X-15 traveling at three and half times the speed of sound and six times. The lines that visible are the shock fronts caused by the air hitting the plane. If seen close-up, one could see that it forms a cone that enclose even the nose of the plane. goes form a cone that s Notice the fast the plane the more the shock line bend back along the plane more and the lines is darker. Th

Shockwave at high speed M > 12 Shockwave at medium speed M > 8 Shockwave from flame or vapor emitting meteor

The first of the pictures is of a white hot meteor traveling very fast; it will as just a line. In the second picture the temperature is cool and color could be seen in the tail, most likely faint in color. The thing is different in the pictures is the area in front of the gas or flame shrouded meteor. The vapor emitting meteor will have the shockwave further away from the surface because vapor coming off the meteor even in the frontal area. This action in the frontal area will have push the cone out further. the the the solid material being turned into a gas. If the vapor from the meteor is burning it will the glow much brightrer and the cone will be even larger.

The time the meteor is visible.

The length of time the one gets to view a meteor tells whether it will make it to the ground. If it is only viewable for a second or less it has probably has just burn up in the atmosphere. If the time the meteor appears white is long the less bright stages of coloring may not have been visible to you and the meteor did impacted the earth some where. How close the meteor is to you is still important.

The shape a meteor & the cone, the shape of the first reported UFO and later UFOs.
(I cannot show these shapes as well as I would like with this paint program but the shapes very close.)

Meteor and glowing cone of gases Shape Of First Reported UfO The Shape Of Later Reported UFOs or Flying Saucer

The first reported UFOs were back before there was a Nasa and the Air Force had not been given the task of investigating UFOs. The UFO was called saucer shaped. The shape one the other hand was like the one pictured above. This picture is very similar to the earlier pictures. In later reports the term saucer was used and the shape pictured was that of a saucer, like in the second picture. Half of the saucer is about the same shape and the part that is the same will be the brighter then the other half.

The meteor that I saw was among what might be said apppeared flame enshrouded

The meteor that I saw I did not see until it came in to view much closer. My view of the whole sky was blocked by some trees. I would have liked to have seen it from point of white light hitting the ground but that is not what happened. It probably hit the ground about 10 miles on the other side from which it approached, even though it was not reported or found.

I have recently seen another meteor that went from white hot to the above changes in how it appears. That proves that what I originally saw was a part or extension of what is normally seen.

Bob L. Petersen

You'd better X out your files

Bob L. Petersen

Bob Petersen




Air Force

Close encounter with a meteor first second and the third. The fourth is impact.