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Landscaping: The Lake Land And The Lane
Of A House On Cliff
Over Looking The ocean
The Landscaping Of A Place Of Escape

The work on the landscaping here and the then using the sub-basement for soil and plant growing experiments were the source of my ideas for landscaping without heavy equipment and making soils in space. Different soils grow different plants and trees, better.

 Picture of beach below cliff, hill over looking ocean  Picture from hill of cliff over looking the ocean.

The land was to be a large hill with cliff over looking the ocean.

The cliff should be at least as high as any surrounding hills. The large enough in area to include the house, the lake and a long lane without crowding them together. I like to drive fast and the lane was for that. I would have liked to found land that had ridges to enclose this area from view. But would settle for berms or man made ridges to enclose what nature did not.

These two pictures are of a cliff in Northern California, around San Francisco. The first is of the "Ocean Beach" area below the cliff, ruggedness of the ocean beach are about right as opposed to the pool for lounging and swiming most of the time. The different areas are suit the mind and also to move it. The second is of the area on top of the cliff. Not much to look at now. The soil would take a lot of work in order to grow any thing. Lots of rock little real soil. I not thoughs on any trees on this land so, just getting some grass to grow would be about right.

From both pictures the thickness of the soil can be seen. The slope down toward back of the house would be good keeping with how I wanted the back of the house and the pool area to be in relation to the land. I really wanted to avoid any fences yet not have it so someone could walk around back walk in to the open back end of the house. The pool area not at ground level would provide enough secuity from that.

map of contour lines of land on which the house might go, picture

This map and it's contour lines arenot match for the pictures above, but show one of the possible layouts of a cliff along the ocean. (Incase the term contour lines is new to you, contour lines are lines made by connecting points of equal elevation usually at some standard unit of measure. Here there are two features to the land that I was looking One a slope downward toward the cliff of about 20 feet over less than 150 feet. The other is a open flat area in what would be the area in front of the house with a ridge line or peak line further back. The view of the front of the house is blocked by the ridge in front and the sides and the layout of the land ie the layout the lake and the lane in relation to the house.


the place on the map of contour lines where the house should go drawing

Here is the rough form of the houes overlaid on the land. The size of the area in front of the house and where the lane have to go to make it's loop. Here the size of a fairly flat loop can be very large. This is some what of a race track but not the standard oval. This is more like a formula car track with a hair pin curves and some other features added to the lane it's self.


the contuour map showing the layout of the road of lane

Now the question is how the lane approaches the house. I am planning to enclosing the land around the house. The house is not supposed to be visible for most of the lane. One of the ways of keeping it from being visialbe is by changes in elevation.


changes needed to the ridge line shown on contour map

Where the lane approaches the ridge line is the lowest elevation in the ridge line. Here part of the how I would like the existing ridge line to be modified for the lane coming in. It will cross down below 130 just beyond the edge of the map before climbing again back to around 130 again. The ridge line will be altered by the removing and will fade away toward the outside edge of the land as seen.


contour map showing the outline of the ground being moved for the road

Here the 130 contour lines along the lane are used to show the deeping of the ground cut for the lane. The forward tailoff of the old ridge line, and the change in elevation by the removal of earth will make path of the lane and the house not visible from the outside the property. One can figure how to drive a road fast if you can see it's path but with the road way hidden one should exercise caution. It was to be my little race way anyway.


contour map showing the position of the lake on the land in relation to the house

This land represented on this map has made it possible for a large looped driveway. The lake here is in the middle of the loop in the lane, thought it will not visible til long after the house is visible. On another map with different contours the was at the top of that map at a different elevation.


contour map showing the outline of the hole for the lake

The hole that will be the lake is here shown in dark brown the actual color in that area is a gray with little slight brown color to it. After the first drawing of this I was struck by the idea of continuing the bottom "foot" of the lake till if on missed the first tight turn one would be in the lake. Another more drastic step would be to extend both ends till it look almost like a mote. But it is not a castle and it does not need a mote.


contour map showing where the dirt and rock would be from the ground removed for all the work

Now here there are three dugout areas represented in dark brown. The basement of the house, bottom of the lane leading to the road and of course the lake. These are all being piled up in the lake, represented by the light brown. The lake is of course a designed lake so the slopes or shape of the bottome is know once a small part of the lake is contoured correctly back piling of the lose material would begin.


the ground being removed from the road or lane

The race way, road or lane to will not be left and what it's original grade was but contoured to what I wanted it to be. My idea was to have it only drivable at a given speed or very slow. Jumps, speed bumps and the one of my favorites speed dips. Speed dips 10 feet across and several feet deep. The way to drive them fast is to put on the brakes hard before you get to one then just before the crest let off on the brakes hit the gas. The front end will raise up you will miss the worst of it. The rule for jumping is the faster you go the further you fly. There has to be a limit to everything even jumping. Speed dips gave me the idea for limiting the jump. A second incline would limit how far one could go, why because it would be like hitting a wall. Originally I sat down and did the calculation for Jumps, speed bumps and speed dips but now there is moto cross on Motorcycles?. I would have been a enjoyable plus I would have kept the old skills the fun skills the evil skills. And maybe not be killed by them.

I said this place of escape was for fun or mood changing. Now face the driveway and nothing has gone right, it should have but it didn't. You have tried your best tried to keep what ever moving forward. Maybe someone or some people are just being a childish jerk. This might be the time to do the driveway, drive right along the edge. Been lucky well that should be enough.


the contour lines for the man made ridge lines

Here the to man made ridge lines have been added along what would be the sides of the property. Just a break in the lay of the land.


the contour lines for the man made ridge lines with the amount to be cover to make new ridge lines

This different shade of brown along the man made contour lines is the area that will be built up. I want the slope on the man made ridge line away from the house to be steepper than the side toward the house. Leading up to this one would have calculated and leater measured every foot of soil and rock one had for shaping the land.


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The process that takes place leading to this point where the rock and dirt is all in place involves the seperation of the rock and the dirt. The ground rock is put out to roughly the shape and then small rock of sand and final the soil. By removing and taking what ever soil can be seperated from any of the altered ground and enrichening it should be possible to have this area looking better then the surroundings. I traveled the High along the Ocean by bus and further north the soil is thicker and there are trees but this is about my original ideas. They would have looked as good or better.

This land lane lake and the house another Xanadu. A place to escape to a place one would never want to leave, was not that at all. From the back of the sub-basement after the wall was cut thur and pushed down would come a plane, leaving this planet and all of this behind. When it would have been after I was pushed aside by who ever decided they needed what I had or could with those that agreed with them do a better job. What ever the excuse.

I have sat on the beach at San Fransisco first looking out at the ocean and then north up the coast line at the cliffs. Watched the ships pull into the habor and figure there distance and length. To figure if it could be seen from there or the city. 70 feet in length not much but the 60 to 100 feet of flame coming out of the engine would have been a sight.

Like I said I learned alot landscaping this house.


I still am going to try to get off this planet. An engine test with backing and then an agreement for the small ship to fly out in. Maybe before even going in to space to then continues read the news from space and show what I am doing. No I don't believe it would be that popular, in fact gear it just the opposite of any current idea. Morning news half grumpy and telling everyne I going off to work now to. Evening news after an early supper more one the light side and wishing everyone a good evening. Closing with the phase. There still is no news here and if there is I will not be the one telling you. The middle of the day spent putting together what Programing showing what one has to do so that they can live here independly. To be shown at night in the place of infomercial. Lead in your you should be to sleep and and your VCR set. Last program of the night before them Green Acres. Yes, it should be on the edge of being boring.

Not sitting on the dock of the Bay

Bob L. Petersen

Landscaping land lake lane house on cliff, over ocean pictures

The lake, land, lane, house landscaping a place of escape. The landscaping of the house would the work easier after the work on the plane was done. Pictures of the process.

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Bob L. Petersen