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X-hybrid: X-plane shuttle & Solar System Utility Vehicle SSUV The Background Of The X-Hybrid Shuttle: X-15 & SR-71 The 1G Living Spheres Large Open Volume And Surface Area These Designs For Living In Space Aren't Reagan's Star Wars
Shuttle's first wheels off The compartment then used for airlock Efficient Shuttle Airlock Chamber Using Air Displacement Use of Space Canopy For Reentry of Plane ie Slowing For Reentry Canopy's Mechanism Storied Within Vertical Stabilizers
2 Floors Large Rooms 1/3 Library Small Personal Areas And Pool The Basements: A Shop, Darkness Ultra-violet and Mud, A Catapult The Lake The Land The Lane The Landscape Of A Place Of Escape This House Has Fallen And. So I Have. Why Do They Want It?

In The End To Sit In The Library Of Congress The Center Of The Eye

Then and now a place for some locals to steal and intimidate.

The room was empty in my head. Just like in What About Bob.

The Rest would just like to watch.

We promise to be good to it.

We did some bad things he has to go away.
The Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, To Get Some Studying Done.
To Go Back Over My Ideas About Flight Into Space And Space Flight Post (9 -11) In The Presents Of The Eye

The books on aerospace are very good and there is one the moment I see it I know it is of the same series as one of my old books. The old one was the one on possible metals to use, kinds of fabrication technics and odd things that have work in rocket design. Without the author or the or title I would have had to look over 30 books or more to find it and I did not try. The book was on Hypersonic Aerodynamics and had a floppy disk with a program for doing the calculations for efficiency, temperatures, etc.. There were examples of many different types of design and different features that have shown themselves as effective. the design I favor was not in there though. The book was a good rewarm up though. Bertin book is from that series and gives reference to the previously discussed book.

The one on navigation in space the author uses an approach that makes the problem more difficult then it is because he does not take the time to compare to what has a fixed size. The planets have a fixed size and this can be used to determine the distance you are from them. This will reduce the difficulty of the problem. His math would be better suited for coming into a solar system that nothing was known about. I would use the same method that I had planned on using on leaving Earth. That is to get in to a obit and study with my equipment the earth the planets and the sun till I had enough information to chart the system and be able to determine distances with ease.

Under There is no thinking outside the box just making the box bigger there is to be one more post. I someone says that it is your turn watch out they are trying to screw someone else and you in the process. It will sound great.

The Conics and Classical Mathematics.

I made copies of the pages of Charles Hutton's book on some of the Classical Mathematics, series, and conic. It has since high school. Been a part of how I do things; to only speak of what I can back up what proof. The reason that I included conics was that on coming to the sections on parabolas a set of figures catch my eye. I had been just studying the history but also looking for signs of how much a head of what they where writing were they thinking. They were the pictures of the Diverging Parabola as they were named by Newton. There are five of them Newton that Newton class as such. They can with out referance to scale be shown by four figures. As the are displayed they are just the representation of curves. But a rearrangement of them is the drip of a drop of water forming and falling away and preparing for the next drip. The shifted order is 3, 2, 4, 1 and back to 3 again. The name or description and equations are as follows:

Pure bell form parabola given by the equation

0 = ax^3 + bx^2 + cx + d

Who simplest representation is given by the following equation.

py^2 = x^3 + a^2x -- Pure bell form parabola

py^2 = x^2 + ax^2 -- Parabola with a pair of deverging legs that cross back as if it were a knot.

py^2 = x^3 Neilian Parabola

py^2 = x^2 + ax^2 + a^2x -- Bell form Parabola with small oval a pair of diverging legs.

And also included as represented by this figure is the following one.

py^2 = x^3 + ax^2 + a^2x -- Bell form Parabola with small infinitely small oval at the head of a pair of diverging legs. As is the drop is no longer considered as a part of the curve. And the cycle starts again.

Bob L. Petersen

Bob Petersen

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