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Life In Space: Alone or Who I could Get Along & Who Might Go.

This is how I thought I would pick astronauts or a crew from High School or while at the University

This is before I had read anything from the British Interplanetary Society or NASA. Picking a astronauts, crew or people I would with was based on who I could get alone with and who would go. There was no deep psychological study. I was picking people like myself, at least in my own mind. That is about an Honest answer as you can get. I picked people who were smart but would most not be get a chance to function at the level they were capable of. Someone would always beat them out of that chance. They were people who where still trying still very capable of. (Notice this is what I should like because it is like me or how I most likely should see myself.) People in groups acted according to how the group felt about me or anybody else. Alone they might more or less joke with you or talk you. So what group was not a consideration. My ideas about how intelligent someone was were that if someone tried we were pretty much equal. Being able to have fun or a sense of humor about things was important,too. Quitting or giving up on something once in space is not an opinion. Picking people to live not like astronauts but working and living based on what you see of their actions. Not what they decide to say or write down on any given day.

Psychological testing for astronauts

There was as I said no psychological testing per say but the over all ideas seemed correct even by the psychological problems NASA and the British Interplanetary Society where figuring would be the psychological problems with a astronauts on long space flights or people living in space.

The fact that I am choosing people who this might be their only opportunity to do what they where capable of. That means that space might not be a bad place to be. The mixture though could be interesting in itself. There is the person whose involvement in school work is not the best, yet they never fail at anything. That might continue with work in space just because they have always worked at their own level. "This is what I need to do, it is what I feel I must do." There is not going to be any support for ones efforts. This does not have to be a psychological search for faults as it is a question of wants and abilities.


After asking a who took it at least some what seriously if she would go and being turned down. I came back with the response I will just go myself. Not as cold as I will find somebody else but still saying I am serious. She will inform me could not do it. On matters of psychology I listen to her she knows more I still argue the point. At that time she is right. Psychologically nobody could unless they saw it as there only option. I would have to do this but could do this. In other words live in a world where you would still think of the joke you would tell someone even if there is no one there. Considering whether it would get a laugh or not. There is a word and that word is ambivalence. Having strong feelings on either side. I will design a ship with one front seat. I will spend most days later on for a year with no more than 15 minutes human contact a day.

Life in Space: Picking Teasing or Ego Sub-group Form

These were what I considered to be the major problems in non-psychological terms. There are part of what a problem anywhere. In terms of picking people or a crew, the people picked I thought where people who thought the people who picked on them had a psychological problem. That they would want to avoid doing anything lick that at all cost.

The Others who where picked as possible

The Others who where picked as possible are not even aware of what I was considering. I would like to keep it that way. They are a group that inspite of what I though, things have worked out at least OK for themselves.

Psychological testing for people or crew for life in space

There was as I said no psychological testing per say but the over all ideas seemed correct even by the psychological problems NASA and the British Interplanetary Society where figuring would be the psychological problems with a crew on long space flights or people living in space.

Your really wanting to know what will happen when the rules do not seem to apply. Your looking for people who add more rules not change rules. Who reflect on options they do not like but know what they are doing. They are aware of the choices they make. There is both the need for privacy and the need for more people to interact with. Some where there is a question how long which way. In other words if right now you really wanted to be in a room with 100 people to find someone to talk on a subject or what ever. How long would it be till you wanted out? Thing that could happen is that a person could become depressed longer then he could stand what he wants. The feeling must come, but some other need must pull the person the other way.

Bob L. Petersen

Bob Petersen

I really do not think the use of the term astronauts is correct here. This is not like a space mission with a capsule and astronauts.

The kid that put his fingers on his eyebrows and his ears in the tops of his ears and pulled up with both when ever he got an answer I did not is on this list.