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2 Floors Large Rooms 1/3 Library Small Personal Areas And Pool The Basements: A Shop, Darkness Ultra-violet and Mud, A Catapult The Lake The Land The Lane The Landscape Of A Place Of Escape This House Has Fallen And. So I Have. Why Do They Want It?

The basement floor plan: parking, soil, metal & shop, lab & plane catapult

It is important to remember I was already tired of people using what ever excuse they wanted to get what they wanted. The house that would not be was for me a escape so I could go back to work on what I wanted the plane.

But there is no guy named Q who knows anything about this basement shop.

The Basement

The area under the driveway will be covered later in another section. The basement is for parking and for making the counters, wall coverings and the some of appliances for the all stainless steel kitchen. There will also a project that may or not use stainless steel, it will use steel anyway. The area between the vents and the front door is where the metal working shop would be and the metal would be stored. The machine tools would mainly for small parts (under 1.5 feet diameter and less then 10 feet long) beside what would be needed for the what ever engine I came up with. The welding equipment would be mostly be purchased, jigs for holding metal to be spot welded and for running continuous beads by machine would made in the shop, also. Most of the equipment bending large or complex metal shape would be made in this shope. The metal working welding and Later this will be important, in less than 10 times floor area the plane would occupy I am making the plane. Later, when I had the power source and was thinking of some things that could be done in space, I saw that I was not that far from being able to make a plane in space. That was quite a moment. The elevator would bring truckloads of equipment or metal to this floor, even bringing the truck bed to level with the floor. Over ordering and stockpiling needed metal would started right right away.
The Area Under The Pool Hide By The Wall

The pumps, filters, etc will occupy part space behind wall at narrow end but rest is mainly open area. The area all the way behind the pool would be the most useful with respect to storage. The stockpile of metal and equipment that would not seen as useful for the kitchen or the car work could be stored back here. Nothing of any size could be assembled here that could not be disassmebled because of the size of the doors though. The large frames for the assembly of the wings could assembled back here piece by piece. This would reduce the distaction during assembly and reduce the time to assemble the plane. There will be other things going on during the assembly. I could then go between working on what I was familiar working on for the cars and the work on the plane before anything of what or how could be seen. Anything could just for the cars or just least seeing what I could do, as far as giving a certain shapes to a sheets of metal.

The Sub-basement

The walls of the sub-basement attached to the floor not to the floor above. The upper floors are separate from the sub-basement so that they able to move as a unit. The screws of the elevator are the most solid link between the sub-basement and the rest of the house. They are only load bearing at the top and bottom. This distance would allow for alot of shift without any problem.

One of the requests for the house was to have all the fans, air intakes, and air condictioning be clear out in front of the driveway as in the first floor plan above. The second floor plan shows the area for the air vents and air condictioning in the sub-basement. The plan below show the elevations of the basements. The size of the vents, the distance of the fans from the house, plus the vents are for most of the distance solid concrete rather than metal would be a very quiet system. That would be at least 80 feet in front of the house. Leaving room for the length of the plane there would be a round 300 feet of distance under the house counting under the pool and under the driveway.
The Hidden Lab

This then, would be where the plan would be made once knew I would be able to make both the plane and the engines. Down into the sub-basement where I would knocked down the middle wall section between the vent housings. There should be clay over all area at this dept under ground. Then start first to dig and than set up the pump and mix in water till the sledge becomes not much thicker than water. This then can be pumped through the drains down to the ocean. The last thing pumped down should just be water, to wash away the clay so it will not stain the beach. When I reached the point where I was near far enough away from the original section of the sub-basement, form dike behind the pumping equipment put the dirt back in till I had formed a dike. Then keep cleaning up behind the pump all the way to the back wall on the far side of the pool. This area is shown below.
The Soil And Plant Lab

The plane's construction would be in the front floored area rest of the area is where the soils, plants and light expirements will be. Soil is a mixture of clay dead plant life and animal waste. There are also some plants that like sand and dirt mixtures commonly called a lome. This then would be a biosphere with artificial lights so that measurement could be made about the amount of light needed for proper growth. It will be more important later when I figure out that rotating selves would allow for exposing more plants to sun light in space. This soil and plant work is what will going on while construction is going on. The records of the measurements along with the training or testing your hands and eyes to make good soils. The metals that would be poisons in the clays that will be used in space will be a major problem. This is will generate a whole library of it's own.

This is where the plane and the catapult will be constructed.

v = v + at

The larger the initial v or velocity the less error a or acceleration (x or times) t or time can introduce. The initial acceration is very high, equal to the peak of the space shuttle about 3.5 Gs or 112 ft/s^2. There is no ideal ratio of velocity to acceleration but a velocity 300 plus ft/s or 200 plus miles / s or about 3 to 1 would be more the enough. Once out the plane will slowly turn up to it's climb angle. This must be done before breaking the speed of sound. The engines will produce more power the faster the plane is moving up to about mach 4. The engine will produce less power the high up the plane is flying. The air will heat the plane the faster plane is going; The the closer to the ground or the denser the air the faster the air will heat the plane. The plane, then must climb out fast to avoid over heating and keep the engines peak internal temperature as high as possible by not having to avoid throttling down the engines.

The plane cannot turn like a fighter (not even close to 1 G.) and it cannot go any faster a low altitude than a fight, all it can do is leave. It would be easier to build a rocket with rocket engine that put out constant power, simplier design and would be more cost effective as a one use design.

Bob L. Petersen

The Basement and it's shops
The Sub-basement and it's construction area

Bob L. Petersen

Bob Petersen

The basement floor plan: parking, soil, metal & shop, lab & plane catapult