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I have had for most of my life a goal of living in space I have worked to where I have a solution. I should like to state openly that the reason I started work on this project had nothing to do with this government. It started as a boyhood dream and progressed from there. In working on lesser projects that were themselves at the edge of what I was capable of doing I got the experience I needed. Showing some people small answers leads to big plans on what if it was possible they would do with the money. This reason and a lot more, some my fault and others are other people fault who would never admit any. After several attempts at different projects I was more or less left alone. The list of what I have worked on is nothing more than an explanation of how this came to be. I believe anybody that sat where I sat would sooner or later come up with the correct answer. My only answer for any of this is to just do what I set out to do. The world has enough stories that most are not believe.

The design will not scale past much more then a 10,000 to 20000 payload. The design work I did for a plane for myself has yielded a design made from medium grades of steel that is capable leaving the planet and returning. The design was arrived at from over 10 years of research and refined over another 20 years. The last research I did on it was to alter the design so it would not be capability of being used as a terrorist weapon. This was a further break down ere was a further breakdown of components so not many parts would have the size to do much damage of any kind. This came after September 11. This also means it is not capable causing much damage accidentally once it has cleared the ground. I have to mention that the shuttle has proved that it is possible to make a ship that would break up on reentry. Not a large solid object that could at a minimum take out several blocks. I am aware that it is still something that must be handled with the utmost care.

As it turns out this is enough for the type of human life the must live some where in space if we are to exist as individuals who work together. Not just people in a can. I will be going myself in this type of design and I will be seeking backing from persons or people for whom the risk will be small. Also for my goal I do not what a backer who has a goal of producing this plane. The goals will broken down to where I will have to prove my design before any large outlay of funds. I do not plan to come back and I know how to build a ship to replace mine while in space. I will own none of the rights there will be no with holding on my part. I will not give them over to anyone. I do not care if I do not gain from this. If somebody screws this up by trying to pad there pockets saying that it will not affect anything it will not be me.

The answers are a logical extension of the research posted before 08/20/02 on the web site Http://www.lookingfora.0catch.com or Http://www.angelfire.com/space/where-I-want-to-be. The following just to explain what I have studied and the progression of my goals. The subjects I have studied include but not limited to the following: X-15, SR-71, navigation, Atlas Rocket, space environment, radiation shielding, micro or larger asteroid, materials used in the construction airplanes, strength standards for construction, soil generation, solar power, liquid propellants, solar system navigation. I can prove that I have been thinking about it for a long time. The plan was to leave the planet without anyone knowing until I was away. There was no plan to lay claim to any planet. The idea was to not be capable of threatening anyone, in fact just the opposite. There was no plan during the 1980s, as I figured NASA or the United States was not trying to start a race. The in 1990s I began again to draw up whole new set of plans of operation again. . The fuel was to be synthesized as a part of long-term storage for energy self-sufficient home. The goal I have had was to live in space by myself or with my family. I have over the years rethought or checked my ideas to make sure. This was the most I could get out of the design. This would not to have been an automated idealistic world but just a place to live and work. I made it a point to check first that I could succeed. To not make a mess of anything and to not be seen as taking more than necessary. I had planned to use an asteroid no larger than needed for material to construct a permanent home. The bulk to be used as construction materials the remainder as soils and encased shaping or filler material. (At the level that would normally be clay.)

Once it became clear that getting into space was possible then I consider what standards I should try and reach. There was of course over time the desire to make something that would do more, so the following standards were born.

The first of the standards I set when it appeared that it should be possible was no action. (such as achieving orbit, leaving orbit for Mars, searching for minerals in the asteroid belt or landing on Mars) should use more than 10% of the total fuel. This was for a vehicle where roughly 75% of total weight would be fuel. This last figure is only 10% above what has been done on one high performance airplaneSR-71 or B-58). This was prior to the idea of gathering propellant in space. The standard is still necessary incase of emergency.

The design is capable of this because the engine for space has a superior in efficiency better than 1500 specific impulse. The hybrid designed for takeoff has a high thrust to weight ratio. This was due in part to relying on the engine for space for most of actual power to get into space. The payload, fuel, vehicle and engine weight percentages should come out to 10%, 75%, 15% and 5 %. The true amount of payload should also include any fuel to be used later once a sphere has been constructed. The utilization of 20 % of the fuel weight through conversion Ammonium to Hydrogen for fuel once a place for use or storage has been made for the nitrogen. The nitrogen later being used in the sphere that I later plan on living in. There is also the fact that structural members from the ship are used in the construction equipment, along with the engine for a total of roughly 4%. The design does not scale up well though. The maximum takeoff weight is about 200,000, beyond that the engines will not be able to provide enough thrust.

The second design goal was to built a ship capable of providing temporary living quarters with artificial gravity and shielding from radiation amounting to better than 10gm/cm^2. There is in this design enough space for gardening to start or in some cases to go from blossom to fruit (tomatoes) once the ship has achieved orbit. There is enough room to have variety of location and for personal motion. There could be four private rooms and two common areas at most; any arrangement less than that are possible. For myself in the past I consider the main source of entertainment would have been books and if I was lucky people, the options are more open now. Excluding the obvious there is the ability to make things that one would have only dreamed of before.

The choice of engine lead to the consideration of the third design goal that being capable of making repair parts or building another ship while in space. This goal is made possible the engine to be used in space to travel. The other factors are that structural members of the plane are only required at takeoff, reentry and landing to keep plane rigid, when it is under more then 2 G load plus a safety margin. The structural members at any other time could be used in the construction equipment both for the spheres and the plane. The size of the machine bed, support rig, or crane could be on the order of over 200 feet. The use of techniques of construction that would not be possible on earth. Applying of methods from different process i.e. a step from one process used instead of the normal process. This will not build the best possible ship but will build a good enough for people to live in and use as needed.

These are some other points to consider if you please.

The idea of no fly zones is not new to you. There is not reason to orbit. A Polar exit and entry from far out (25,000 miles) would provide enough warning.

I will not go back and do the work or check my math till I am near a final proposal. If it should happen that I cannot get the money necessary. I will get a job and over the course of about a decade I will put together the small ship. There again I have done the math before and I will not proceed except step by step. So that I will not have plans laying around for the curious.

The rules are up to the United States government and to you Mr. President George W.Bush.

If this has gotten to you and you have taken the time to read this letter I wish to thank you. Mr. President George W. Bush


Bob L. Petersen

Copies letter sent to: 1 President George W. Bush 1 Vice President Dick Chenney

This letter updated slightly has been seen to President George W. Bush 17 times.

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Copies letter sent to: 1 President George W. Bush 1 Vice President Dick Chenney

This letter updated slightly has been seen to President George W. Bush 17 times.
The Letter President George W. Bush About Personal Space Flight. To the Asteroid Belt to live.