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David Bowie
You have to read this one to understand why he is included.

I a discussion genius in an English class with an English Professor, I said the to be a genius one should be able to use that genius in many different areas. The point thrown at me is are you saying David Bowie is not a genius because he only does acting and writes song and sings. I do things that not many know much about. This is then a part of my memories.

Till David Bowie sell the right to the future profits from his songs for 50 plus million dollars. What does he want with all that money? If it is business their should be an announcement of some sort. David Bowie did a movie back in the 1970s call A Man Who Fell To Earth. David Bowie's character is an alien who starts a computer business and builds a rocket to try and go home. He is caught but no one knows he is an alien. He is trapped here on Earth. This is weird it would not be unlike him to stage something or try something to make his art know. There is no information to check at that time. A variation of one of may plans could have hide his attempt. The problem with this is David Bowie sold the right to the profits from his sales. There is no possible gain for him. Still it is amusing thought. That was years ago and recently they revalued the sale and he owes. No David Bowie is not going into space.

That movie David Bowie did A Man Who Fell To Earth is why in the satellite radio commercial. With David Bowie falling through the ceiling getting up Bowie says, I can not get over why I keep doing that. (Falling to earth)

Bob L. Petersen

In his Golden Years Space flight? David Bowie Why do I keep.... Man who fell to earth