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Conon Archimedes Des Carte Newton Euler Hutton

Most of mathematics and physics I am aware of but my books did not cover the ideas prior to 1900. I wanted to know more about what was thought prior to Einstein and the search back through the Century lead to a name. That of Charles Hutton, there are many works by this author but the most important is A Philosophical And Mathematical Dictionary there were two editions of this put out. One in 1795 and the other in 1815 I was lucky enough to read the on written in 1815. The other is apart of the pre-1800 books and their copy is from the Jefferson collection which was on display at the time. They have two copies of the 1815 one is minus the section one Newton someone cut it out. There is gather in those two volumes many references and names that would otherwise be hard to come by. The people mentioned are not always great in fact some are mentioned because kind action toward some mathematician or because they were an excellent craftsman. I assume this to be his attempt to help move the world in the right direction. What will follow will be different parts from this book. When I was a kid I had a rule do not quote something that you do not own. The reason was I did not want to not be able to prove it. It also helps to go over an idea a couple of times. to get the wording the way you want you like rather then what just first occurs to you. I carry with me the following articles and a few more from Charles Hutton's book.

Conon the Mathematician

Conon was friend of Archimedes and a well respected Mathematician and according to book was the discover of the Archimedes spiral or volute. Archimedes better explained its properties and was given the credit. This is Archimedes talking about death of Conon. How many theorems in geometry." he says, "Where first thought to be impossible, would have been brought to perfection! Alas! Conon though he invented many,with which he enriched geometry, had not time to prefect them, but left many in the dark prevented by death." Apollonias thought that Conon was not fortunate in his demonstration which lead to disputes of his work. There was a letter to Archimedes to the saying to effect. "I used to show my work to Conon but now that he is dead, I will show them to you." He is said to have been a man of much patients and thought. To see that one appears by most accounts a god in his time, almost seem to envy the other's skill, to create an idea. Though he would not probably give up his own at defining the properties.

There is something of note in terms of Philosophy. Conon kept there world incomplete. There was never a thought that they had the answers. There maybe an equation for everything but it may not be the right equation really.


This is not by any way meaning to take any thing away from Archimedes. The simplest of his ideas left through time is enough if one has a mind to understand. Archimedes was master of machine as well as mathematics but said to have favored mathematics. The idea that is most striking to me is that of the sphere and the cylinder and how Archimedes raved about it's importance but never said why. To find the relation of the volume of a cylinder to that of a sphere. Filling the sphere with water and putting a sphere of equal diameter and height into it. There is an principle of logic at work here that. Archimedes is not saying out right, that is for every action there is an equal and reaction. Archimedes applied this to his great machines and his logic. Archimedes leaves it clearly to be seen and to wonder why he thought it so important to him. Archimedes left it for any man who might stop to think. The world will grow dark for almost 1500 years till someone will write it down the answer and give a full mathematical answer. The what is told of Archimedes is the obsessive things he might of done which of course any man would look upon as not in the nature of a man. Yet there is no openly state method of how to avoid these problems if they existed. Would you admit if this man ignored you or despised you knowing he would last through time? History is full of many questions.

Des Carte, Rene listed as Carte if you should look for him.

The how Des Carte comes to be in the books are probably more important than what he did. Des Carte left a University after he had attracted what was considered more than his share of attention and retired to the country under pension from the Queen of Sweden to study. Des Carte would not except appointment by Cardinal Richelieu in the name of the King of France. The author does not mention the name of the King but Richelieu probably the more important person at the time. If you study history you can see this is a brave that Des Carte did indeed. The algebra that Des Carte basis his Cartesian Philosophy is that of Harriot's Algebra, an English author. What he gave us was a vision of what the world might look like if it followed the laws of mathematics. There is no accounting for forces that will make the world work, just an idea, but a very important idea. That it had been thought before is not unimportant but that he laid it out to be considered in terms of the geometry of the times. Correct or not it gives a reference to measure from. Des Carte life is a tragedy.

Sir Isaac Newton

The story of Sir Isaac Newton fills 13 pages in this English authored book. But seems an honest history of Newton's activities. There is no man of the house and his mother has decided he should just take care of the family business. To pass the time he takes to studying. It is hard to live a life of leisure if someone has taken form which is not to your liking, and his mother forbid his studying. Isaac Newton start to study so that she will not be aware. The situation probably had a profound effect on who he was. He talks of his "infantine" genius when he was young. His study grew beyond what was to be expected. Newton studies til it is discovered that he is smart enough that he should go to college. His uncle discovers his interests and that he is smart enough that he should go to college. His uncle persuades his mother to let him go to the Tinnity College. Even though he does not have enough formal education. There were told he was bright but put him to a manual tasks. He is given a job making glass shapes for displays. On completing the task Newton decided to do something that he want to have to work with. This became the start of his optical experiments. This information will be the background of much of his later work. The first of which stirred such talk that did not feel like making another presentation so he remained silent. People will talk though and word of some of the other things he was working on spread as rumor.

Newton next project was to make a metal mirrored telescope that would be a cheaper version of telescope so that more people could afford a telescope. It is with a telescope of this design that the planet Uranus is discovered. The telescope is much larger then any previous telescope and was crudely controlled by ropes and pulleys. Leibnitz in a letter ask Newton for an explanation of his Infinite Series and Newton discloses his Theory of Fluxion which he had not disclosed. The letters of course Newton kept and were print in Collin's Commercium Epistolicum in 1731, the controversy had long been settled by trial. This was probably so there be a second source for the letters. The people who had caused the problem by thinking he thought to highly of himself were the ones who asked him to step forward later. There is another letter from Leibnitz, in which Leibnitz gives him a question as a challenge. He will get the letter when he gets home after work at the Mint which he heads and mail the answer back the following day. This was known at the time by rumor and borne out in the letters after Sir Isaac Newton death. He will continue to write and study till in his 80s. They have long since given him the job at the Mint which he heads. His says he does not consider giving his money to anyone as a good thing. Sir Isaac Newton has been hurt by people actions and attitudes.

Leonard Euler

Leonard Euler was one of the students of the Bernoulli's left with Daniel Bernoulli for Russia. Daniel will later go back to Switzerland to carry on the family name. While Euler will continue on and then go to German for what seems like a good offer and then back to Russia again. This is a time when it is wondered what else mathematics might tell us of what makes the world work. All that we know has long been a question. Mathematical forms and number relationships that "Anything" that moves through a space, would have to if complex have to show at some point. There was not the information about how the world worked at that time to move past a certain point. Euler answer to this was to write more papers on more subjects showing how mathematics can be used for many things. Euler avoids the big question or even acting like he could lay out how to solve it. Euler is just playing around. Euler felt no need to put his mark on the "big" question.

Leonard Euler used a hand held chalkboard for calculations as his last eye fades he will see the board in his head and continue on though he is blind. (I believe this because I have done this myself there is a limit to what would seem magic at what is like what is real if the steps are present you can look them over in your head to check.) Leonard Euler will leave papers enough for his son to submit for 20 years after his death.

Charles Hutton

The author Charles Hutton uses when he refers to Newton calls him our author. Part of what will be what we believe is the nature of what we can do. The year is 1815 he is saying that we are what we believe. Hutton takes great care in his description of him as that it should be seen as to what moves him. Charles Hutton includes little of what people have done but does tell about what his attitude is after all that everyone has done. Who is the author of us now? Would anybody allow one to move in a way that would cause us to believe in anything? My best work is that which was done after I had excepted that if someone wanted what I had. I could expect nothing to go right. Other things came alone and most I just brushed aside. On answer came while I was stepping on someone's toes with something I was doing. The attitude now is that competition is what will make us better. Pointing out that it has always been a part of us. I could believe this except it is all we can do now and there are other things to compete with other then people. Our author here has done just that. On the scale both large and small.

Any of these men would move The World as anybody else today could if they were just showed what page were are on.

I had before just smiled and not told anyone what I thought know I have said where I have been and what I have seen that I can tell. There is more information and times that I wished to write where I did not. There is nothing that I have seen that is not done by someone every place some big some small. The most dangerous thing I have seen is they do not like you, you must like me then. There has never been a more unbalanced mental state occur in a sane adult person then what I have seen there. Winning is the most dangerous thing I have seen.
Bob L. Petersen

Bob L. Petersen

Bob Petersen

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